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3-4 Year Olds

3-4 Year Olds, Ballet Level 1

This class is a combination of creative movement and beginning ballet.  Very young children learn best through imaginative play, so we continue in this age group using imagery, props and songs to teach ballet steps and terminology in a creative way.  We begin to introduce them to a class structure and the discipline of taking turns, sitting in a circle, and following a teacher's cues while at the same time giving them plenty of chances to make creative choices and dance freely.


3-4 Year Olds, Tap Level 1

This class introduces basic tap steps and focuses on rhythm, patterns, sound quality and style.  Tap shoes are required but can be rented at very low cost through our shoe rental program.


This class is for 4 year olds who have studied ballet consistently for at least one semester, and permission is required in order to enroll.  It continues to integrate creative imagery and props but focuses on increasing ballet vocabulary and more challenging step sequences.  For questions about which level is appropriate for your child and to obtain permission to register for Level 2, please contact the director at


4 Year Olds, Ballet Level 2

Using upbeat, age-appropriate music, this high-energy class teaches the basic style and steps of Hip Hop dance.



4 Year Olds, Hip Hop