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Lead and Follow

Lead and Follow

This week we are so excited to launch Lead and Follow, our new blog that will provide a weekly feature dedicated to highlighting dance and our community, the two essential partners at Washington Heights Dance Project.


Unlike traditional lead and follow relationships however, our duo – dance and community - will strive to share equal time guiding and directing, always taking cues from one another. Because we know that our success here is due to emphasizing the beauty of the art of dance and of community. Our coordination and choreography is only doable through transitions and improvisations that are open and inspiring – and that rely on one another to thrive.


Here’s what you can look forward to reading every Thursday of each month:


  • The Etoile Questionnaire – a set of questions designed to get to know those involved at WHDP better.
  •  Dance History/News - culled from dance everywhere, every age, every continent, past or present, we’ll be giving you a dance tidbit that will be sure to enlighten you.
  • What We’re Getting a Kick Out of:  What we’re reading, what we’re listening to, dancing to, wearing, using – anything and everything dance-related that we’d like to share.
  • Let’s Hear it for the Heights - something or someone interesting going on in our community, whether it be an upcoming festival, someone who recently got a scholarship, a little known fact about the ‘hood, anything at all. Please feel free to submit ideas and/or nominate persons as a subject we could feature. 



We are so happy to live, work and dance in Washington Heights and to be able to be a part of your community.  We welcome your comments, your bodies, your spirits and your minds.


Thank you for reading.