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Payment for Classes

Pay What You Can


Yes, we mean it.  Pay what you can afford.

We want every child to be able to dance, and to be a part of our community, so we don't charge a traditional tuition.  But we do rely on every contribution from every family.  We have many expenses - teachers' salaries, studio rental, insurance, supplies, etc.  And we want to continue to make DPWH better - which means purchasing ballet barres, paying for additional trainings for our teachers, and eventually leasing our own space.

Our suggested donation is now $20. If you feel you can contribute that, great! Thank you for helping us make ends meet and strengthen our program. If you can't, that's ok.  You decide what you can afford to pay.


Pay online in advance

This is our favorite method!  You can pay by the week, by the month, set up a recurring weekly or monthly payment, pay for 5 or 10 classes at a time, whatever works for you.  

Please consider setting up a recurring payment if you can - it will help us immensely!

Pay by check

This is second best :-)

Again, pay by the week, month, or however you want.  Make the check payable to Dance Project of Washington Heights and bring it to class with you.

Put cash in the donation box

We always have a box at the sign-in desk. This is anonymous.