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  • Giving Tuesday - A Global Day of Giving
    Stone Soup for Dance Project of Washington Heights

    In the folk story "Stone Soup," a group of travelers cooks a tasty soup starting with a stone in a pot of water. Each of the passing villagers contributes something that will improve the soup - a few carrots, some herbs, a bit of salt. By the end, everyone has added what they have, and the soup is enough to feed not only the travelers but the villagers as well.

    The cornerstone of Dance Project of Washington Heights is our tuition model: Pay-What-You-Can.

    For 9 years, with the help of our village, we have been creating Stone Soup out of whatever folks have been able to contribute. Some are able to put in $20 a week, some $5. Some make costumes, some help plan fundraisers and some bring smoothies or pastelitos to keep the staff going. And what an amazing soup it turns out to be! Always a little different and always delicious.

    EIN: 47-1583227

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    Giving Tuesday

    A Global Day of Giving

We're in This Together
Your contributions help us grow! Partner with us today to help further our mission.

Our operations are made possible by small grants, contributions by our parents toward their children's classes, and by tax-deductible donations from generous individuals and corporations. 

EIN: 47-1583227

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Remote Dancing

Help us provide kids (and adults!) with something they need right now - a way to express themselves, to stay strong and resilient physically and mentally, and expand their horizons beyond their apartment walls.

Virtual Performance

The hard work of our students deserves to be celebrated, and this summer is no exception. We want to host a virtual performance this August, streamed on Vimeo and available for download, for all of the young dancers who have been participating in online classes over the spring semester.

Anti-Racism Training and Professional Development

At DPWH, we know we need to know better to do better. We are for equity, social justice, and inclusion, but we know we still have room to grow. There are more barriers to remove. Help us receive the training we need to continue removing those barriers, become a better and more just organization, and continue growing,

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Sustain Dance Project

Dance Project of Washington Heights is there for our community, and what we bring to our students is vital. As we proceed into an uncertain future, our survival is vital. Your gift to this campaign will make sure that our organization can respond to the challenges and continue to thrive as we continue to meet our mission.

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Tapping at Home

We're raising funds to provide a special tap dance practice floor to use in students' homes. These are easily stored, and we can add a rubber subfloor to absorb the sound and keep it from bothering neighbors. Help our students keep tap dancing at home!

Thank you @sherwinwilliams and @todayshow for our beautiful new room
Capital Campaign

Our dream is to find a new forever home, where we can be in community together, dance in proper dance studios, and invite community arts groups and dance companies to share in our space. We are running a longterm capital campaign to make that dream come true!

DPWH Capital Campaign
See for yourself why DPWH needs to build a new home for dance, arts and culture in Washington Heights

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